With Teacher Appreciation Week going on, I felt that it was incredibly fitting to express my thanks and undying gratitude for all of the hard work teachers’ sacrifice for our future leaders of tomorrow.

In the realm of the classroom, teachers are consistently going above and beyond the 9-to-5 work hour days. While the rest of the nation can view them as glorified babysitters regurgitating information out of a textbook, the reality of the matter is that they are the true backbone for American leaders today. To start, much of the general public has an unrealistic and insensitive view of the education sector and the classroom. The phrase, “I still get paid whether or not I teach,” is nothing but a negative connotation within the field, especially for tenured teachers. But in the realm of reality, that phrase is far from the truth. To speak more candidly, job insecurities or tenure plans is not the true motivator and push for a teacher to work hard. Going beyond the various Education Reform papers that are being shuffled through the Ivory Towers of the highly esteemed Masters of Education programs, a teacher, at the end of the day, wants to teach. It is their passion, it is their drive, and most importantly, it is the true motivator that pushes them to go beyond the standards that are asked. Just think about it. Why else would these incredibly talented individuals accept low salary wages for long hours unless they are passionate about the job? For teachers, especially the great ones that continue to create an impactful and transitive change, they deserve a thank you.

Now for those of you who are unaware of the education sector, teachers are faced with a plethora of problems, some of which are the following: unrealistic expectations set upon by the Common Core State Standards, oversized classrooms, classroom management, lack of resources, etc. Regardless of the matter, each and everyone of these teachers continue to step within the frontlines of education in order to bridge the educational gap that exist within the nation today. For the past two decades, the United States has been faced with a mountain where, as a whole, we are consistently underperforming in various subjects like Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. With these core subjects on the line, who do you think are tackling these inequities? Who do you think is giving them the attention, care, and educational resources to push themselves in believing that they can? For educators, they are the planners, the consultants, the strategist, the parent, the mentor, the coach, the bad guy, the motivator, and the expert in giving our children an excellent set of education. Their hard work each and everyday is something that I personally believe should never go unnoticed. Even when they are not teaching, they are constantly involved in the day-to-day lives of our kids. Whether that is helping them through a math problem or supporting them through a family crisis, teachers are, and will always be, there.

So to this end, thank you teachers! Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are as a person. You are truly warriors in your own right and continue to inspire the world even when it may not seem like it. Keep pushing, keep driving, and most importantly, keep believing in our children.