Michael G. Sheppard, born in 1952 at the US Army Hospital in Camp Chaffee Arkansas, is the president of the Polk Foundation.

Polk Foundation – The Polk Foundation | Michael G. Sheppard

The Polk Foundation is an organization focused on uniting people
to a common goal of promoting the values and issues that will enable our
children to have access to better performing schools and teachers, and
creating education environments where they can achieve their full potential.

According to the Polk Foundation website, Michael G. Sheppard is an insurance executive and General Counsel, serving large carriers in London and throughout the USA, as well as representing the industry in Washington, DC as a government affairs liaison. He has been taught at paralegal institutions and is admitted to practice in Ohio and Tennessee and before all Ohio and Tennessee courts, the US District Courts, and the US Supreme Court. He has earned national recognition for his legal service to Veterans, appearing on CNN, NBC Nightly News, and Good Morning America.

He has served as a Deacon in his Church, President of his Homeowner’s Association, President of Civitan, as well as Baseball Commissioner and Coach.

Michael G. Sheppard is currently Associate Director of Professional Educators of Tennessee and passionately dedicated to the empathetic, knowledgeable advocacy of its members and the teaching profession.

He now serves as President of the Polk Foundation, a non-profit organization created to provide innovative and practical solutions for educators as well as legal support.

Michael G. Sheppard has written numerous articles on the teaching profession, including one in which he studies the similarities between military post-traumatic stress disorder and the stress experienced by dedicated teachers.”

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