While testing anxiety can be a real problem, it does not mean you do not have the ability control it. Below, I have outlined some helpful tips that you can utilize before and during your exam. These tips will help ease off any unwarranted stress so that you can perform at your greatest. Remember, success doesn’t come to you; you have to go to it. Try and follow these tips to the best of your abilities. It may be the ultimate game changer for you to walk into your classroom with the utmost confidence for success.

Study and Review

Before the exam, you want to make sure you are approaching test day with the confidence and control. While this may be difficult to do, start by preparing yourself by reviewing any necessary notes or classroom material that can help you perform well on the test. Make sure you provide yourself plenty of time. One of the biggest mistakes many students do is that they try to cramp right before the examination. Rather than build more anxiety, try and provide yourself with an efficient and effective schedule for you to review.

Sleep, Eat, Relax, and Repeat

For any exam, whether it is the Common Core State exams or a quiz in your sixth grade language arts class, you want to make sure you are well rested. In addition, make sure you do not go to the exam with an empty stomach. For breakfast, try and yourself up with a healthy diet. Anything fatty or grease could result in lethargic behavior that could eventually impact your performance on the test. That means avoid fast foods, junk foods, or unhealthy snacks a day before the test. Instead eat a hearty meal with fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Leverage Stress as your Motivator

While stress can have some damaging affects on your performance, it can also be utilized as a positive motivator in specific situations. Instead of reacting to your exams with anxiety and fear, take an active approach. Utilize that stress to motivate you to study well in advance for the test. In addition, allow that stress to push you in the right direction with your goal to do well in-mind.

Mentally Prepare and Meditate for Success

While meditation may not be your thing, internalizing and reflecting can actually help ease off any negative thoughts or connotations you may have with testing. During the test day, make sure you stop studying. A simple review can be helpful to jog your memory and keep you on your toes, but to prevent test anxiety, try priming your brain with internal mediation. Use that positive thinking to review your notes and foresee your goals for success.

Accept any Mistakes

One of the best ways to handle testing anxiety is to know and understand that everyone is not perfect. Accepting mistakes, especially as a perfectionist, can be incredibly hard to do. The only thing that can alleviate this is by accepting that there will be situations where you will not be right. This type of mentality not just lessen your testing pressure, but actually aid your confidence that you do not have to be perfect to perform well.