After veterans have served their country on the field of combat, many return home to serve in other ways: in the classroom, for example. Training the future minds of America to be thinkers and leaders can’t be understated. The experiences and skills that military veterans have acquired because of their service to the United States have proven invaluable in a classroom setting. Some of the things the veterans teach the youth of America include:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership
  • Understanding
  • Appreciation for diversity

Many schools have struggled to hire qualified educators, but veterans have stepped into the role to fill the gap. The experience veterans have had as leaders have turned them into excellent teachers and role models for young men and women. Lt. Col. Joseph Gross, a teacher of geography and world history at Southside High School in San Antonio, says that while every teacher tries to reach out to students to prepare them for the upcoming job market, an advantage comes from having military experience.

Engaging the Students

Some veterans believe that having an experience in the military has engaged students to ensure they keep an interest in the subject being taught. For example, Gross said that in his job for the military, he had to travel around Europe and Asia in places that most of the world will never see. This engages the classroom when veterans teach about ancient Roman history, and the teacher can show pictures of themselves at the location.

Controlling a Rowdy Classroom

Teachers have to control a rowdy classroom and military-level leadership has proven useful in doing this. 1st Sgt. Christopher Karayannis, a teacher at Thomas Edison High School, says that his military experience gave him confidence when in the classroom to keep things focused and under control.

Veterans also have the advantage of improving the retention rate because they tend to have more discipline than the average individual. That’s because the military teaches people how to have more discipline, and this carries over into all aspects of their life. The teacher shortage has been a dire problem, and many of the teachers in the classrooms today have less than 10 years of experience in teaching. This is the future of America and having veterans in the school system has proven an asset.