A number of modern-day technologies may eventually enter the classroom. The devices will make acquiring information easier for students who are visual learners. Some types of software and tech will also make the classroom easier for teachers. Technology will enhance learning for students at all levels of education.

Augmented or Virtual Reality

Apps already available include Google Expeditions, which enables students to visit approximately 900 locations using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. More apps are currently under development. By wearing a simple pair of glasses or other types of headgear, students would be able to venture to exotic countries and learn world cultures. They might travel virtually to the Louvre to view fine works of art. They may scale Mt. Everest from the comfort and safety of their classroom. The might learn about astronomy remotely by viewing the night sky.

Vocal Technologies

Children having dyslexia or other disabilities that make writing difficult benefit from software that transforms the spoken word into text. Audio books enable students with visual impairments the ability to absorb the same educational material that other students learn.

Internet Options

Teachers may develop student records and store them online to be viewed by students and parents alike. The types of information entered might include everything from individual student grades to the completion of homework assignments. Teachers might also choose online options to create calendars or the syllabus for individual classes.

Digital Learning

One day, students might all be equipped with a laptop, tablet or other mobile devices in order to read lessons, track assignments or complete homework assignments. Classes might broadcast sessions via YouTube or other online media site. In this way, students missing school due to illness have the chance to keep up with the rest of their class. Technology might also make snow and vacation days a thing of the past as classes will always be available as long as a student has a device that connects with the internet.

Multi-Touch Surfaces

Groups of children might one day sit around a table equipped with the unique technology to solve problems with a simple touch of a screen. Students from various world countries might work on projects together using the technology. Microsoft is in the process of introducing the EXOdesk. The entire surface can be manipulated by a touch of students. The company also plans on making the technology customizable for different purposes.