No matter who you are, in the education sector, there is an underlying understanding for the lack of appreciation for teachers and the work they do on a day-to-day basis. Ever since George Bernard Shaw’s famously quipped quote of, “those who can, do, those who can’t, teach,” teachers and educational experts alike have been looked down upon as a glorified babysitting career. Yes, it is not the world of finance where you are building and creating companies. But it is a world of youth development where special individuals are cultivating and shaping the foundation for our future. We as individuals need to look beyond this stereotypical notion of the education sector and appreciate and recognize the time and work teacher do for our lives.

By definition, educators and teachers, are individuals who provide information and formal education to students. While simple in this definition, we need to understand there is more than meets the eye to the profession as a teacher. As an educator, you are not simply teaching. Instead you are engaging and diversifying your curriculum to meet every individual need of your students. You are providing professional, mental, and career counseling by teaching them to stop bullying, to say thank you, to apologize and mean it when they are at fault. Furthermore, you are instilling an understanding of civil rights, the political process, the challenges of racism, and the appreciation for all cultural and religious diversity through developed personal responsibilities and collaborative groups. And through all of this, you are doing this each and every day in hopes to build your students up to be the future lawyers, doctors, and astronauts of our future.

But even with all of these responsibilities and challenges, teachers are looked down upon because of their title. As an individual involved within the education sector, I unequivocally agree that we need to show our educators the thanks, appreciation, and recognition for everything they do each and every year. Yes, they may have those long winter and summer breaks, but the difficulties of hitting unrealistic expectations, managing and inspiring apathetic and disinterested students, and revamping, strategizing, and teaching an ever-evolving standard for education is something that deserves our respect and acknowledgement. We as individuals cannot stand idly by and continue to watch the bitterness and irritation has ultimately decreased the teacher retention rates. If we as a society do not change how we view the profession, we can begin seeing damaging consequences within the field itself. We can even go as far and say that if we as a society expect little from our teachers, we could get little in return from them for our students. This cannot happen. While there are other issues such as the education inequity with private schools versus public, we cannot completely avoid a societal and cultural issue of that is impacting our classrooms today. The only thing we can do is accept our wrongs and move to something brighter. These individuals are continuously battling for our futures. It is now time for us to do the same for them.