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Michael G. Sheppard is a Brentwood, Tennessee resident and a soldier in the fight for educational equity.

Born into a military family, Michael G. Sheppard was shaped by the elements around him. The values of hard work and unrelenting spirit for justice can be traced back to his father who was a decorated soldier in World War II. Unlike most kids who lived in the victory and spoils of war in the United States, Michael G. Sheppard resided in Germany for about nine years surrounded by the ruins and destruction of the aftermath of war. While most kids would succumb to the dark surroundings, Mike rose above and established the values of equality and justice in his education and his professional work experience.

Having this passion and desire for success, Mike Sheppard decided to attend Morehead State University. With such a rich history and strong focus on academics, Michael knew it was the perfect place for him to grow and develop within the contours of social justice. There, Mike was active in various ways. Whether it was academically in the classroom or socially with his fraternity, Michael wanted to be a motivator and changer in every aspect of his life. This drive and outlook eventually solidified his decision to attain his Juris Doctorate at Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.

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After law school, Michael G. Sheppard knew he wanted more out of his educational studies than just a degree. Simply succeeding in the classroom was not enough for the goals and desires he had for his future and those around him. He wanted his time in the legal field to be meaningful and impactful. He wanted to influence the game and become the voice for the voiceless. Integrating his beliefs about social responsibility from both his father and his alma maters, Michael took the path of working on the defensive side in court. After years of development and practice, Mike eventually made a change into Insurance Law focusing on the regulation of the business of insurance, the content of insurance policies, and customer policies. While he rose up the rankings to become Vice President at his company, Michael knew there was more he could do than just the corporate side of business.

One of his proudest moments in the field is actually not a case, but an article that was eventually published which related Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome found in war with teachers teaching three-to-five years in the classroom. For Michael, his client’s are his priority. He believes in the best for them and will do whatever it takes to aid them in their goals.

Aside from work, Michael G. Sheppard serves his community in many ways. Currently, he is a deacon at his church at Brentwood Baptist Church in Tennessee and an active volunteer for the Veterans Association due to his military upbringings. Prior to that, he assumed various roles of leadership such as president of the homeowners association and commissioner for his hometown’s little league baseball. When he is not working in the community, you can find Michael reading and relaxing with his family and grandkids, taking pictures for his photography collection, or writing articles and organizing events for educational policies and Veteran Association events.

Michael G. Sheppard |Tennessee Supreme Court - Certificate of Recognition